Monday, May 4, 2009


It was interesting looking at the various Wikis available and contemplating the uses they can be put to in libraries. The most interesting one I found was the book lover's Wiki from Princeton Public Library ( ). People writing their own reviews and posting them for others to read is an interesting alternative to the traditional book reviews found in magazines and newspapers.

Bryon's books created by Valatinians


The use of such a Wiki for public libraries would be a good way for people bemused by the hundreds of book jackets confronting them, to more easily select the ones they would like to read. No more slow inspection of the covers and reading the blurbs on the inside. All people need to do is read what others thought of the books they read. The more positive the reviews the more likely people will be to select a title. And as for the poor harried librarian, he/she will be spared from that question so often asked "what would you recommend for me to read?".

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